Who we are

Dr. Carlo Fleischmann (1892–1965) was a co-owner of Fleischmann & Co., a Swiss company principally trading in grain, and quite successful in the import and export of raw materials. In 1953, Dr. Fleischmann established a foundation in his name to provide financial support for art, culture, and education in Switzerland.


What we do

The UZH Center for Studies in the Theory and History of Photography at the Institute of Art History promotes various initiatives to advance the study and research of photography among students, scholars, and the general public. It functions as a platform for building up an international network that promotes the study and research of photography.


Current Activities and Projects
  • Fall 2020


    The Colors of Photography
    editor: Bettina Gockel

  • 11 November 2020

    Evening Lecture

    Prof. Minoru Shimizu

  • Fall 2020

    Guest Lecturer

    Nicola Borgmann